Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which concrete markets does Krete supply?

Krete supplies admixtures to the zero-slump or dry cast market, and the precast concrete market.

2. Where are Krete's warehouse locations?

Krete has five warehouse stocking locations:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Brookfield, WI
  • Mira Loma, CA
  • Sandy, UT
  • Trenton, NJ

3. Does Krete offer dispensing equipment and provide installation of dispensing equipment for admixtures?

Krete offers a full line of professionally installed, stand alone, or integrated batch panel dispensers to meet any customer needs.

4. What technical support does Krete offer to customers? 

Krete's laboratory performs a number of different tests to support customer production and product certification.  These tests include:

  • Sieve Analysis of Aggregates
  • Dry Cast and Wet Cast Mix Design Development
  • Various ASTM Test for Concrete and Concrete Units
  • NCMA CMU-WR1 - Standard Test Methods for Water Stream and Water Droplet Tests of Concrete Masonry Units
  • NCMA CMU-WR2 - Standard Test Method for Spray Bar Test of Concrete Masonry Units
  • NCMA CMU-WR3 - Standard Test Method for Assessing Water Uptake Potential of Concrete Masonry Units