Plasticizers (also commonly referred to as surfactants) are designed to wet out the constituents in concrete and improve the workability or flow ability of the concrete, resulting in improved densities and productivity, i.e. faster mold or machine fill times.

Super plasticizers, a specific class of plasticizers, include water-reducing admixtures, which are based on polycarboxylate and polyacrylate chemistries.  Water reducers are admixtures that allow water reduction, thereby increasing strength and providing greater flow ability without substantially slowing set time or increasing air entrainment.

Standard Products

KreteSuperPlast 700

a high performance admixture designed to offer superior plasticizing action, mid to high range water reduction, and densification in precast and self-consolidating concrete products.

Product Data Sheet

KreteSuperPlast 710

a high performance concrete admixture designed to offer superior plasticizing action, mid-range water reduction, and densification in precast concrete products.

Product Data Sheet