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KreteRelease 485

an aqueous, non-toxic, non-hazardous product designed to make cleaning of concrete mixers simpler and less time consuming.

KreteSeal 650

a penetrating sealer designed to enhance the natural color of aggregates and integral pigments in zero-slump concrete products.

KreteSelect 910

an aqueous solution designed to reduce macro foam created in the mixing process of zero-slump and precast concrete products.

KreteSelect 920

an admixture designed to offer retarding action in the initial and final set of Portland cement while offering plasticizing action in zero-slump and precast concrete.

KreteSelect 930

an admixture designed to offer plasticizing action and improved flexural strength in zero-slump and precast concrete products.

KreteSelect 950

a gelatinous coating designed to offer corrosion inhibitive protection on racks in block plants.

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