Since its founding in 1990, Krete has manufactured a full line of concrete admixtures to service the
zero-slump, cast stone, wet cast hardscape,
self-consolidating concrete, and precast concrete markets.

From aggregate and mix design analysis to customer-unique admixture recommendations, Krete provides valuable insight and analytics to assist in every step of concrete production.  Our consultative services are backed by ASTM and NCMA approved laboratory testing methods and years of technical experience in the industry.  Contact us to see why concrete producers all over the world are making the concrete choice in admixtures.



Precast concrete bridge highway construction

Krete offers a full line of admixtures for wet cast, precast, and SCC markets. Krete’s wet cast product line covers everything needed for architectural or structural precast units.

Home landscaping concrete stepping stone sidewalk

Krete offers a full line of admixtures for dry cast concrete products such as block, pavers, slabs, retaining wall, roof tile, concrete pipe, and more.

Home landscaping precast concrete steps

All Krete products sorted by functionality for quick and easy searching.



Chemist performing analysis using chemical laboratory equipment

Krete offers a wide range of ASTM and NCMA approved testing procedures for dry and wet cast concrete products. Find out which procedures we provide.

Various sized conrete aggregates

By carefully analyzing customer's aggregates and mix designs, 

Krete is able to provide specific  recommendations to improve product performance.

Brown and tan concrete veneer stone wall

With specific production information and samples of materials, Krete can optimize mix designs, aesthetic appearances, and  workability while staying mindful of production costs.



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