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Krete concrete admixtures feature highly concentrated and effective formulas designed for concrete production. Focusing on maximizing performance while streamlining production, Krete products have been solving unique challenges since 1990.

KreteAir air entraining concrete admixtures

Air Entraining Admixtures

Add micro air bubbles to concrete to improve
freeze-thaw durability and provide added lubricity.

KreteDOT freeze thaw durability concrete admixtures

Freeze-Thaw Durability

Combination of densifying and air entraining admixtures to enhance concrete durability in freeze-thaw cycles.

KreteControl efflorescence control concrete admixtures

Efflorescence Control

Chemistries designed to reduce calcium carbonate deposits on concrete surfaces, making colors deeper and more vibrant.

KreteGuard water repellent concrete admixtures

Integral Water Repellents

Low-dose integral water repellents for masonry, mortar, and efflorescence control applications.

KreteDcel cure retarder concrete admixtures

Cure Retarders

Increase the time for initial and final set of cement, providing longer open/workability times.

KreteMix dry cast plasticizer concrete admixtures

Plasticizing Admixtures

Low-dose plasticizers designed to maximize machine fill, cement hydration, and concrete performance.

KreteRelease concrete release agent and form oil concrete admixtures

Form Release Agents

Form release agents and oils for precast concrete applications.

KreteSeal concrete sealer concrete admixtures

Sealers and Coatings

Specialty coatings and sealers for concrete production needs.

KreteSelect concrete production concrete admixtures

Miscellaneous Products

Mixer cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, and equipment lubricants for concrete production.

KreteSuperPlast water reducer concrete admixtures

Water Reducers

Mid and high range water reducers for wet cast or self consolidating concrete applications.

KreteXcel cure accelerator concrete admixtures

Cure Accelerators

Decrease the time for initial and final set of cement, providing quicker set or early hardening.

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